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Mosaic Guys offers one of the most diverse, interactive, hands on mosaic experiences in the southwest! workshops are Generally project and/or technique centered with QUALITY supplies to create fun mosaic art!....Focus on Beginner and intermediate, whether it is glass mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, or a combination of mosaic supplies, novices and pros alike are sure to take away new knowledge all the time!......
join us in a workshop soon!

Refund policy:
As with anything like this, There is advanced effort, expense and commitment to present events & workshops, and likewise, we like you to be equally committed to attend - refund policy as follows...Please note: some restrictions apply and will be noted where NECESSARY...
*for purchases from this page- 50% refund up to and including 10 days prior to workshop* 
**for purchases from other venues-
the host refund policy applies...

click on the  links below to see more details including location and costs for each workshop or just start link means dates are pretty solid, but some details need to be determined. You are welcome to inquire  at anytime about any workshop..... Please email questions

05/30...Mini Landscape-Let's Make a Scene...Stained Glass Shop...Glendale, AZ...10am-3pm

06/3 & 10...Summer Kids Camp...phoenix center for the arts...2 weeks
06/4 - 06/25...Studio 4U...
independent study...phoenix center for the arts...4 weeks
06/6 & 7...patterns & raven art school...tucson, az...10am-3pm
06/13...succulents planter sculpture...Southwest gardener...phoenix, az...10:30-4pm
06/17 & 24...Summer kids camp...phoenix center for the arts...2 weeks
06/19 & 20...Garden Sphere...Desert Botanical Gardens...2 days...10am-4pm filling fast!
06/23...teen intensive mosaic workshop...Phoenix center for the arts

07/02 - 07/23...Studio 4U...Phoenix center for the Arts...Thursdays...10-3...4 weeks
07/11...mosaic side table...Southwest Gardener...phoenix, az...10:30-4pm... Sold Out
07/18 & 19...Foam sculpting intro...Blue raven art school...Tucson...10am-3pm..2 days

08/01 & abstract...MG visiting of mosaic art...BERKELEY, ca
08/8...Art unraveled...Shop MOSAIC supplies-vendor marketplace...10AM - 4PM...Phoenix, AZ

09/3 - 24...Studio 4U...phoenix center for the arts...thursdays...4 weeks...10am-3pm
09/12...drawing for raven art school...tucson, Az...10AM - 3PM
...9/19...Drawing for mosaics...phoenix center for the arts...phoenix, az...10am-3pm
tbd...09/18...bluebird of happiness...phoenix, az...10:30-4pm
...09/25 & 26...foam sculpting intro...phoenix center for the arts...two days- 10am-3pm

10/1- 4...CMA mosaic summit...ashland, Or
10/8 - 29...STUDIo 4U...phoenix center for the arts...thursdays...4 weeks...10am-3pm

10/10...Laura Rendlen...building Waterfalls and rivers...tucson, AZ...9am-5pm
10/11...laura rendlen...building Waterfalls and rivers...glendale, AZ...9am-5pm
10/13 & 14...Tree of Life...desert botanical gardens...phoenix, az...two days...10am-4pm
10/17 & 18...tree of life...santa theresa tile works...tucson, az...two days...10am-4pm
tba...10/24 & abstract...phoenix center for the arts...two days...10am-4pm

11/01...funky & fun vanity raven art school...tucson, az...10am-4pm
11/05 - 4U...phoenix center for the arts...thursdays...3 weeks...10am-3pm
11/7 spontaneous abstract...Bubany Holiday @ HARLOW GARDENS...TUCSON, AZ

12/3 - 4u...phoenix center for the arts...thursdays...3 weeks...10am-3pm
12/5...tempered glass mosaics...with carol series...tucson, az 10am-4pm
12/6...tempered glass mosaics...with carol series...glendale, az...10am-4pm
...12/11 - 13... phoenix fall festival of the arts...phoenix center for the arts



tba...02/6 & 7...martin cheek...Animal fusions...Tucson,az...2 days...10am-4pm


Studio 4U
Phoenix Center for the Arts

Phoenix, AZ

...come "School" with us...

Indulge your inner mosaic artist in this class designed for you!!  Join us to create and explore inspired mosaic related projects and ideas of your choice….Ideal for the person who wants to learn at their own pace, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Tool knowledge is helpful, but not totally necessary.... we can help you learn. With 20 hours of mosaic studio mentoring included -there is plenty of time to plan & create your next masterpiece! Some mosaic materials & tool use available in classroom, but student will be expected to source most materials related to their inspiration- ...Bring your idea & materials and join us today!! Not sure, but curious? Stop by and say hello on Thursdays and check us out!

When....Thursdays from 10am-3pm
Where...Phoenix Center for the Arts

6/04 -6/25...4 weeks...$139/pp

7/2  - 7/23...4 weeks

9/3 -  9/24...4 weeks

10/8 - 10/29...4 weeks

11/5 - 11/19...3 weeks

12/3 - 12/17...3 weeks

-click here to register with PCA

did you know? can volunteer at Phoenix Center for the Arts for credit towards classes?
---contact PCA to learn more...602-254-3100---

Studio 4U @ Mosaic Guys
Florence, AZ

...subject to availability...

Create individual  or small group mosaic experiences at the Mosaic Guys private studio in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of central Arizona! This is a  great way to make a specific project of your choosing..*large or small... use your own supplies specific to your project or source from studio. 
Tailored to your specific needs and costs about the same as a scheduled workshop!
Tools and adhesives included.

$75/half day (4.5 hours)
$99/full day (6-8 hrs w/break)
....Individuals or Groups of up to 6 are welcome...

Please email with your  inquiry to: 

Home Studio location:
Florence, AZ 85132

Lets Make a Scene
Mini Landscape
Glendale, AZ


Join us with our friends at the Stained Glass Shop to create this fun mosaic project. Beginning with an 8" x 10" stained glass (not shown) for background, we work to design our landscape and mosaic utilizing glass tile shards and chips to create texture and contrast....
we love trees and the example reflects a great use of materials , but, what will your scene be? could be anything from land or sea!
Come explore mosaics and see what you can do!

When: 5/30...10am-4pm
Where: Stained Glass Shop...Glendale, AZ
Cost: $95/pp

...or call Stained Glass Shop 602-504-0553 to register...

Patterns & Mosaics
Tucson, AZ

Learn how to create detail in mosaics! Join us to discover working directly on mesh while following a pattern. Techniques working with glass tiles will be discussed and executed. Understand basic tesserea drawing for 'andemento'.

When: 6/6 & 7 - Two days -10am-3pm
Where: Blue Raven Arts School
Cost: $105/pp

Succulent Planter Totem
Phoenix, AZ

Join us for a day of fun Phoenix, AZ to create this original 3-tiered glass mosaic planter sculpture. Comprised of three individual 4" planters that we will mosaic with bright colorful glass tiles. This planter will be at home on your kitchen counter planted with herbs, as well as outdoors on he patio with lovely easy to maintain succulents as we have in our sample. 
Tools, instruction, tile, adhesives, planters, armature, and base included....
Please Note:  We need to let grout dry before planting, therefore, Soil, Plants & Gravel are not included...

When: 6/13...10:30am-3:30pm
 Where: Southwest Gardener, Phoenix, AZ
Cost: registration opens  soon

Please email SWG or call 602-279-9510 to register 

Garden Sphere
Phoenix, AZ

It has been a long time since we presented a sphere for a project and that is because bases are hard to come by...we found a dozen in the back of a warehouse in Phoenix and are bringing this creative a fun project to Desert Botanical Gardens for a two day intensive mosaic workshop. We will be using 2" x 2" porcelain tiles to create your design with....these tiles are great!...get the durability of porcelain/ceramic tile with the detail usually seen in glass tile mosaics...come open minded and ready to explore your inner mosaic artist! 

When: 6/19 & 20
Where: Desert Botanical Gardens
Cost: registration opens mid -May

Contact DBG for more info

Mosaic Side Table
Phoenix, AZ

Create a wonderful 14" x 14" x 21" Mosaic Table while exploring cutting & design techniques using durable porcelain tiles. These 2x2" tiles are very different & easier to nip than the 4x4 tiles of our past ceramic workshops...In general porcelain has the freeze/thaw durability with the versatility of glass tile mosaics- resulting in the opportunity to create more detail.
Join us to learn something new with a new material!
Sure to sell out, please don't delay!

When: 7/11...10:30am-4pm Sold Out
Where: Southwest Gardener, Phoenix, AZ
Cost: $145/pp- all inclusive

Please email SWG or call 602-279-9510 for wait listing if you would like

Introduction to Foam Sculpting 
Tucson, AZ

Foam Sculpting? Yes! That’s right! Join us in this two day intensive workshop and get your feel for making mosaic bases out of foam. You will carve your vision from a 12” block of foam and prepare surface to make a suitable mosaic surface. Plan on learning new skills and seeing art in 3D!
All tools & materials are included in workshop! 

When: 7/18 & 19...10am - 3pm
Where: Blue Raven Art School, Tucson, AZ
Cost: $135/pp

Spontaneous Abstract 
Berkeley, CA

Imagine creating art in which the art itself guides you. In this two day dynamic workshop, Mosaic Craftsman, Dave Jarvinen will guide you through a creative journey using smalti, porcelain and glass tiles as well as wire, findings & beads to create spontaneously and organically. Through a simplified process- that is approachable by most ambitious beginners as well as the more experienced- we discover nuances within materials and processes that help facilitate good design, texture & movement. Finished Mosaic is approximately 6” x 12” x 1”

When: 8/1 & 2...10am-4pm
Where: Institute of Mosaic Art, Berkeley, CA
Cost: $325/pp

Please use this link to register with IMA

Drawing for Mosaics
Tucson, AZ

How do I turn an image into a map for a mosaic?
That is the topic of this one day workshop…plan to explore simplifying of design and learn the methods of planning the movement of the mosaic tesserae. This is and can be an important part of the mosaic process and is a great skill to learn! Hands on- all inclusive! Plan on a series of exercises culminating in crafting your own mosaic map of an image that inspires you!

When: 9/12...10am-3:30pm
Where: Blue Raven Art School, Tucson, AZ
Cost: $65

Building Waterfalls & Rivers in Mosaics
Visiting Artist: Laura Rendlen
Phoenix - or - Tucson


When Laura was visiting us last, we were learning to build landscapes with dimension in our mosaics...this time we are going to learn how to add that ever elusive water element! No previous experience necessary, plus we are there to help make you successful, so no worries there! 
In this mixed media workshop expect to work with glass and organic objects while learning methods to add an extra layer of perspective in your mosaics...Register early to reserve your space! One day in each...Glendale (Phx) or Tucson...please make choice below.
Cost: $200/pp- all inclusive

When: 10/10...Tucson, AZ...9am-4pm

When: 10/11...Glendale, AZ...9am-4pm

Tree of Life
-Mixed Media Mosaic-
Tucson, AZ

Folks can't get enough of this wonderful mixed media mosaic!
Back by popular demand is the Tree of Life Panel, but with a slight difference in materials than previous. We will use a blend of Porcelain, glass and handcrafted tiles to tell our story and create depth and texture! Always a fun one-of-a-kind, 
hands-on, intensive workshop!
With an allowance of Handcrafted tiles from Santa Theresa Showroom- that you pick out! two completed mosaics will be the same....
All skill levels...beginners and advanced will learn something new!
All materials, tools, adhesives & instruction included!
We will work to grout at end of day two.

When: 10/17 & 18...10am-4pm
Where: Santa Theresa tile Works...Tucson, AZ
Cost: $265/pp

Funky & Fun Vanity Mirror
Tucson, AZ

Join us to create a fun, whimsical vanity mirror! By using of colorful transparent and translucent glass tiles on mirror, the mosaic glass tiles gain a luminosity not found on other glass on glass mosaics... Perfect for the beginner and intermediate levels or anyone who wants to create..this project could also make a great gift...Sure to be a great learning experience either way!

 When: 11/01...10am-3:30pm
 Where: Blue Raven Art School, Tucson, AZ
 Cost: $65/pp

Mini Spontaneous Abstract
Tucson, AZ

We will be at Harlow Gardens again this year during the Bubany Holiday Marketplace & Art Fair. As has been our custom the last few years, we will be doing a small workshop at our booth that will only take a couple of hours- at most!...Measuring just 2" x 3" this charming Mini Abstract Mosaic will be a wonderful miniature addition to your art collection! A small easel is provided for display. Choose from a variety of beads, glass, porcelain, findings, smalti, wire and found objects to create movement, texture and contrast in a small area...great creative exercise!
Choose one or more morning or afternoon sessions on either Saturday or Sunday. 
Where: Harlow Gardens, Tucson, AZ 
Cost: $25/pp 

Saturday 11/7...10:30-12:30 

Saturday 11/7...1:30-3:30 

Sunday 11/8...10:30-12:30 

Sunday 11/8...1:30-3:30 

Realism in Mosaic Art

Visiting Artist: Carol Shelkin
Glendale, AZ

When: 11/28 & 29 10am-4pm
Where: Glendale, AZ (Stained Glass Shop)
*Cost: $395/pp + $60 materials fee
Please register directly with Carol Shelkin...Contact Carol

     Mosaic is unique to all students and the goal in this workshop is to direct and assist each student develop and to polish find their own style. You will learn how to develop an eye for mosaic and create a line drawing with easy to follow steps. There will be a PowerPoint presentation and students will begin to work on a mosaic. Photographic models will be supplied, unless you are a returning student and would like to bring in your own selection.
IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT, please contact Carol for approval of your photographic model.

 In this workshop you will be guided through the process of understanding realism in mosaic art with instruction of using curved or flat planes, shadows, value, composition and design, color choosing and understanding artists' tricks for creating a work of art in mosaic. 
You will be able to create your own mosaic to take home using high quality stained glass and will be introduced to the gradations and many colors and values of hand-nipped stained glass and learning how to “paint with glass” creating a piece for interior display.  

  Other subjects will include:  presenting your work to gallery owners, exhibitions, building a resume, pricing, photographing your mosaic art, proper adhesives, tools and materials for interior display.  

   Refund memo....*50% workshop cost 31 days prior to workshop- non refundable within 30 days prior to workshop 

Tempered Glass Mosaics
Visiting Artist Series: Carol Shelkin
Phoenix or Tucson

Learn how to create mosaic art by mixing collage with mosaic techniques using "Tempered Glass" - also known as safety glass and crash glass. Learn from a professional!...our Visiting Artist- Carol Shelkin...Tempered Glass may be used to create beautiful art as well as architectural installations. Instruction will be given for both interior installations and exterior installations to develop a jewel-like surface.  A presentation showing examples of some of the finest works in Tempered Glass will  also be included. Lots of one-to-one time is offered along with group discussions. Choose between Glendale (Phoenix) or Tucson, AZ for this one day intensive workshop!

This is the perfect medium to permanently incorporate printed imagery and have your treasures underneath revealed through the glass. Each student is encouraged to bring a variety of small paper images, photos or text to include in their mosaic....Works will not be grouted during workshop. 

When & Where:
12/5 Tucson, AZ...Blue Raven Art School...10am-4pm
                       12/6 Glendale/Phoenix, AZ ...Stained Glass Shop...10am-4pm
*Cost: $225/pp + $40 materials fee
To register...Please use this link to contact Carol 

 Refund memo....*50% workshop cost 31 days prior to workshop- non refundable within 30 days prior to workshop 

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