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Mosaic Guys offers the most diverse, interactive, hands on mosaic experiences in the southwest!  workshops are Generally project and/or technique centered with QUALITY supplies to create fun mosaic art!....whether it is glass mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, or a combination of mosaic supplies. novices and pros alike are sure to take away new knowledge all the time!......
join us in a workshop soon!

Refund policy:
we put a lot of effort and commitment to present our workshops, and we like you to be equally committed to attend as well- refund policy as follows...

*for purchases from this page- 50% refund up to and including 10 days prior to workshop  
**for purchases from other venues-
the host refund policy applies...

click on the  links below or just start scrolling..........
no link means some details need to be determined, but you are welcome to inquire about them...
Please email questions

11/8...this n' that found object box...bubany's holiday marketplace...harlows...tucson
11/9...This N' that found object box...bubany's holiday marketplace...harlows...tucson
11/13-12/11...mosaic panel... phoenix center for the arts...phoenix...4 weeks 9a-12p
11/13-12/11...patterns and detail w/glass tiles...phx cntr for the arts...4 weeks 1:30-4:30
11/14-16...niche mosaic...mosaic guys @ Amber's Artistry...San Diego, CA
11/23...16" stepstone...mosaic guys @ southwest gardener...phoenix  
Sold Out

12/6...FUSED GLASS abstract cross mosaic...Mosaic Guys @ Stained Glass Shop

Happy new year!!

01/10...Welcome or house number Plaque..Phoenix Center for the Arts...9am-4pm
01/23...Mosaic stepping stone...phoenix center for the arts...9am-4pm


02/05...Mosaic funky Heart mosaic...phoenix center for the arts...10am-4pm
02/07 & 08...Martin Cheek-musings with fusings...Visiting Artist Series...tucson....2 days
02/14 & 15...martin cheek-musings with fusings...visiting artist series...phoenix...2 days
02/22...tbd...harlow gardens...tucson
02/25...3d mosaic aloe sculpture...mosaic guys @ desert Botanical
2/28 & 3/1...kelley knickerbocker-Radical Dimensions in Glass...VA series...Tucson... 2 days

03/7 & 8...kelley knickerbocker-Radical dimensions in glass....Va series...Phoenix...2 days
3/12-14...SAMA Conference.....Philadelphia, PA 
3/20...Mosaic Wall Flower...Phoenix Center for the ARts...10am-4pm

3/29...tbd...santa theresa...tucson


Studio 4U
...subject to availability...

Create your own small group or individual  mosaic experience at the Mosaic Guys Studio! This is a  great way to make a specific project of your choosing..large or small... bring along your own
 supplies or  use ours and enjoy a 20% discount
Tailored to your needs
Individual base cost: $75/half day; $99/full day
......Small Groups welcome.....

Please email with your  inquiry to: 

Found Object Keepsake Box Mosaic

Join us during the  Bubany Holiday Marketplace Event at Harlow Gardens in Tucson, AZ. During this annual event we will be hosting small intimate workshops at our booth creating this adorable keepsake box lid. With a plethora of misc jewels, findings and other goodies yours is sure to be unique! When finished, it is a great place to store your treasures ..this would make a great gift!
Limited space in each session so register early for best options.

Cost: $28/PP 
When: Saturday or Sunday





Ceramic Mosaic Art Panel
...formerly known as Intro to Ceramic Tile mosaics...

You are the designer in this Ceramic Mosaic  Art Panel Workshop at Phoenix Center for the Arts. Understand nipping and fitting techniques while learning the ins & outs of a successful mosaic! This workshop meets three times for mosaic fun and one day for grout and review fun! (we skip a week for the Thanksgiving Holiday). Sure to learn something new, join us and increase your 'mosaic vocabulary'....all materials and tools included!

When: Thursdays 11/13-12/11...9a-12p
Where: Phoenix Center for the Arts
Cost: $102/pp

Please use this link to register with PCA

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Creating Details in Mosaics using Patterns
...formerly known as Intro to Glass Mosaics...

In this workshop explore creating detail within your mosaic by working on mesh and following a pattern. Expect to learn techniques related to working on mesh and nipping techniques to learn how to create detail. All materials and tools provided. Class meets once a week for four weeks.
(We skip a week for Thanksgiving Holiday).

When: Thursdays...11/13-12/11...1:30p-4:30p
Where: Phoenix Center for the Arts
Cost: $161/pp

Please use this link to register with PCA

Mosaic Stepping Stone

We are back to Southwest Gardener to make this beautiful 16" x 16" stepstone for the home or garden. Could easily be adapted for a table top when paired with the right base! Using ceramic tiles expect to learn valuable tips for nipping and fitting ceramic tile mosaics.

When: 11/23/14 10a-4p Sold Out
Where: SWG -Phoenix

Use this link to register with Southwest Gardener

 Niche Mosaic
San Diego, CA

We are in San Diego to create this fabulous 8" x 22" x 3" Niche Mosaic. Utilizing a commercial niche form, we will work to create a design of your choosing with materials provided over a two day period with a couple hours allowed on third day for wrapping up your project.
Join us to see what is possible...In our example, above, we created a place for our funky bird sculptures to live................what will you create?! 
Many different techniques will be discussed and explored....come learn new things!
All tools and materials as well as adhesives are included during workshop and you are welcome to supplement supplies with your own collections as well to give it a personalized touch, but no worries, there will be plenty of variety to choose from.  We will supply, ceramic and glass tiles, glass, beads, findings, wire, shells, rocks, pebbles, porcelain, misc. china and the list goes on!
...if you have ever seen our booth at SAMA , then you know about our variety!

Please note: This Niche can also be cut down to form 2 smaller ones if so desired...we just separate the bottom square from the arched top! It is that simple...two different projects!

*please note; if Mosaic Guys cancels all monies refunded

When: 2 plus days
11/14...10a-4p, 11/15...10a-4p,  11/16...10-noon

Cost: $350/pp
Where: San Diego, CA

or should you Amber's Artistry to register at the studio. 
Ambers Artistry  619-405-4635

Fused Glass Mosaic Cross

Discover fused glass elements for your mosaics in this fun workshop! Choose from fused glass crosses provided by Stained Glass Shop as your focal piece. From there explore, color texture and rhythm as you fill in the background with  our brightly colored glass tiles. Always something to learn in this type of workshop! All inclusive of tools and materials during workshop. Lunch provided by Stained Glass Shop.

When: 12/6/14...9:30a-4:00p
Where: Stained Glass Shop
Cost: $125/pp

Welcome/Name Sign or House Numbers

We have a welcome plaque pictured above, but you can make a name plaque or address plaque as well! Using the 1x1 glass tiles we will work to create or focal point of letters or numbers and then fill in the background in a fun and cheerful format. Your design..our tiles...always a great fit!
Join us to see why! 

When: 1/10/15
 Where: Phoenix Center for the Arts
 Cost: $85/pp

Please contact the Phoenix Center to Register 
602-254-3100 or email

Martin Cheek
Mosaic Musings with Fusings 
...visiting artists series...

...Choose either Tucson or Phoenix...$350/pp
Hurry, don't miss this opportunity...50% deposit...Registration closes 1/10/15

"Priceless instruction by the Mosaic Maestro himself"... Mr. Martin Cheek, plus 4 oz (about a postcard in size) of Martin’s glass fusions, 12”x12” or 12”x16” substrate, glue, and sufficient mosaic material to cover your substrate.  Although not necessary, additional fusions beyond 4 ounces will be available to purchase. Check out his Facebook page and his website for inspiration. 
We meet on Friday evening , Saturday & Sunday.


Please note: Visiting Artists Series require 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure space-
balance due 10 days before workshop date. 
*please note; if Mosaic Guys cancels all mionies refunded

When: 2 days plus meet & greet
 2/7...10a-4:30 (1p-2p lunch break)
 2/8 ...10a-4:30p  (1p-2p lunch break)
 Where: Tucson, AZ...STTW
Cost: 50% Deposit $175/pp

When:  2 days plus meet & greet
2/14...10a-4:30p (1p-2p lunch break)
2/15...10am-4:30pm (1p-2p lunch break)
 Where: Glendale, AZ ...SGS
Cost: 50% Deposit $175/pp

Kelley Knickerbocker
'Radical Dimensions in Glass' 
...Visiting Artist Series...

 Choose either Phoenix or Tucson
$350 + $50 materials/pp
Hurry, don't miss this opportunity...50% deposit...Registration closes 1/31/15

Fun, fast-paced combination of lecture/slideshow, cutting/setting demos, and lots of hands-on
practice, students will learn to confidently execute two "extreme sport" variations of
ungrouted glass-on-glass mosaic: 
Flat Stacking, in which differing opacities of stained glass are adhered in layers to a mirror substrate to explore the luminous light diffusion, color blending and unique 3-D background/foreground effect only layers can produce; Edge Stacking, in which stained glass strips of diverse heights/lengths are stacked on edge to showcase the light-handling properties of the riven edge and to create dramatic dimensional contrasts with surrounding elements. In addition, we will investigate the benefits of combining glass with contrasting materials. Students will learn to cut and set an unglazed porcelain background to complement their stacked glass mosaic elements.

 Additional topics covered: designing for these techniques, efficient cutting and setting tips for both glass and porcelain, an intro to UV-curing adhesives, using mirror as a substrate, framing, and appropriate adhesives, tools, and applications. All materials will be provided, but students are welcome to supplement provided glass with glass from their own inventories if they wish. 

Basic proficiency with a standard glass cutter and straight edge is critical to getting the most out of this workshop...
here's a tip... practice on a piece of window glass with a glass cutter and straight edge & running plier before class. The tools are easily obtained at your local stained glass supply or online..we will have the Moreton Cutting System to help you, so-we'll have you covered...See more of Kelley's work or register with the links below. 

Please note: Visiting Artists Series require 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure space-
balance due 10 days before workshop date. 

*please note; if Mosaic Guys cancels all mionies refunded

When: 2 days plus meet and greet
Friday 2/27 6p-9p
      Saturday 2/28 10a-5p
     Sunday 3/1 10a-5p
  Where: Tucson- STTW
Cost:  50% deposit $200

When: 2 days plus meet and greet
Friday 3/6 6p-8p
Saturday 3/7 9a-4pm
Sunday 3/8 9a-4pm
Where: Glendale, AZ- SGS
Cost:  50% deposit $200

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