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Mosaic Guys offers the most diverse, interactive, hands on mosaic experiences in the southwest!  workshops are Generally project and/or technique centered with QUALITY supplies to create fun mosaic art!....whether it is glass mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, or a combination of mosaic supplies. novices and pros alike are sure to take away new knowledge all the time!......
join us in a workshop soon!

Refund policy:
As with anything like this, There is advanced effort and commitment to present any  workshop, and likewise, we like you to be equally committed to attend - refund policy as follows...Please note: some restrictions apply and will be noted where NECESSARY...
*for purchases from this page- 50% refund up to and including 10 days prior to workshop  
**for purchases from other venues-
the host refund policy applies...

click on the  links below to see more details and costs for each workshop or just start link means dates are pretty solid, but some details need to be determined.
You are welcome to inquire  at anytime..... 
Please email questions

04/2-23...Studio 4u...independent study...phoenix center for the arts...great value! 4 wks
Circle of Light...stained glass shop...Glendale, AZ...9:30am-3pm
04/18...cross mosaic...Skinny TILES & Glass...Guest instructor @ Santa Theresa Tile Works
 04/4...Glass mosaic votive..harlow gardens...Tucson, AZ... Easter Saturday 10am-3pm new
04/ on glass raven art school...tucson, az...9:30am-4pm new
04/25...pebble & Glass mosaic...southwest gardener...phoenix, az...10:30am-2:30pm new

05/2...Lazy Susan Glass Mosaic...Phoenix...Southwest Gardener...10am-4pm new
05/3...hummingbird mosaic...
Tucson...Harlow Gardens...10am-4pm
05/7 - 5/28...
Studio 4U...independent study....phoenix center for the arts...4 weeks
05/9...Stained Glass Abstract on Glass..PHOENIX CENTER FOR THE ARTS...9:30AM-4PM
05/16 & 23...
patterns & mosaics...phoenix center for the arts...10am-3pm...2 weeks
Mini Landscape-Let's Make a Scene...Stained Glass Shop...Glendale, AZ...10am-3pm

06/3 & 10...Summer Kids Camp...phoenix center for the arts...2 weeks
06/4 - 06/25...Studio 4U...
independent study...phoenix center for the arts...4 weeks
06/17 & 24...Summer kids camp...phoenix center for the arts...2 weeks
...06/19 & 20...Garden Sphere...Desert Botanical Gardens...2 days...10am-4pm
06/23...teen intensive mosaic workshop...Phoenix center for the arts

07/18 & 25...patterns & Mosaics...PHOENIX CENTER FOR THE ARTS...10AM-3PM...2 WEEKS



TBa...10/10...Laura Rendlen...building Waterfalls and rivers...Glendale, AZ...9am-5pm
tba...10/11...laura rendlen...building Waterfalls and rivers...Tucson, AZ...9am-5pm


11/28 & 29..Carol Shelkin...REALISM IN MOSAICS....VA Series...Glendale, AZ...10AM-4PM


tba...02/6 & 7...martin cheek...Animal fusions...Tucson area only!

Studio 4U @ Phoenix Center for the Arts
Phoenix, AZ


photo is not a sample of class
Create your own personal workshop during our recurring Studio 4U- Independent Study Mosaic Art Workshop at Phoenix Center for the Arts.  Each session is 4 weeks and meets on Thursdays from 10am - 3 pm. Join one session or many sessions, this is by far the best way to pursue your mosaic interests. Basic Wedi substrate and adhesive are supplied as well as tool use if needed. Some ceramic and glass available to use, but specific materials for projects sourced individually.
We have monthly sessions scheduled...let us help you create your masterpiece!

When....Thursdays from 10am-3pm
Cost: $139-$163/pp

4/02 - 4/23
5/07 - 5/28
6/04 -6/25

-click here to register with PCA

did you can volunteer at Phoenix Center for the Arts for credit towards classes?
---contact PCA to learn more...602-254-3100---

Studio 4U @ Mosaic Guys
Florence, AZ

...subject to availability...

Create your own small group or individual  mosaic experience at the Mosaic Guys private studio in the beautiful desert of central Arizona! This is a  great way to make a specific project of your choosing..*large or small... bring along your own supplies or  source from studio. 
Tailored to your specific needs. Tools and adhesives included.
Individual base cost: $75/half day (4 hours);
$99/full day (6 hrs w/break)
......Small Groups welcome.....

Please email with your  inquiry to: 

Home Studio location: Florence, AZ 85132

Circle of Light
Glendale, AZ

Back by popular request!
The Stained Glass Shop has asked us back to present the Circle of Light Mosaic Workshop and of course we said yes! Join us in this one day adventure to learn glass on glass mosaic techniques while creating dimension by working on both sides of the clear glass disc. Project comes with display stand and measures approximately 9" x 10" when completed. As with most glass on glass applications, it will need to be grouted at a later date. We will however, do a grout demo and supply grout to take with you!

When: 4/3...10am-4pm
Where: Stained Glass Shop
Cost: $125/pp

...or please call Stained Glass Shop (602) 504-0553

Glass Mosaic Votive
Tucson, AZ


Creating on a 6" x 6" clear glass base and using colorful transparent and translucent glass tiles, we will learn technique while we create our design for the back of the pillar votive iron frame.
Sure to be a great addition to the home or garden! Overall dimensions 6" x 10".
...Discontinued base...Limited space available...

When: 4/4/15
Where: Harlow Gardens...Tucson, AZ
Cost: $65

Glass on Abstract- featuring Stained Glass Accents
Tucson, AZ


We begin our journey on a piece of clear glass that measures 7" X 14", framed with zinc and ready to hang. From there we will cut pieces of stained glass for our focal points and to establish movement.  We will explore 'andemento' as we weave colorful glass tiles in between...Creating on glass allows light to enter from behind our art making it brighter than if it were on backer board. Always a great learning event, enjoy understanding techniques and color relationships as we work to complete our mosaic panel!

When: 4/12/15
Where: Tucson- Blue Raven Art School
Cost: $115/pp

Pebble & Glass Mosaic 
Phoenix, AZ

Join us in this brand new class to learn a great way to make an attractive & functional mosaic from pebbles with glass accents! Create in the entire 12" area, or,  cut into (4) 6x6" pieces and make a set of coasters or other size configurations of your choosing. We will create from a variety of pebbles and glass pieces to create a mixed media mosaic on a soft, protective backing that will not scratch surfaces. Learn a new technique that could be translated to many different ideas! All materials included. Very little nipping needed..if any!
Great for those who have had difficulty with the nippers!

When: 4/25...10:30-2:30
 Where: Southwest Gardener...Phoenix, AZ
Cost: $85/pp

...Use this link to go to SWG
or...Please call Southwest Gardener to register 602-279-9510...

Lazy Susan Mosaic


Join us to create a glass tile mosaic on this Bamboo 10" round turntable. Glass tile is recessed and flush with edge when complete. Sure to be a delight in the center of your patio or breakfast table, or wherever you may like! Learn or hone mosaic techniques related to glass tile mosaics. 
Registration includes materials, tools and instruction during class.

When: 5/2/15
Where: Southwest Gardener- Phoenix
Cost:  $85...all inclusive!

Please contact Southwest Gardener to register at 602-279-9510 

Hummingbird Mosaic
Tucson, AZ


What is more fun to watch than a hummingbird?...Making one of course! Learn how to manipulate  glass
 tile mosaics to recreate the feel and movement of a hummingbird in flight! We will work on a free formed wedi board substrate in shape of hummingbird. Then proceed by hand nipping shimmering glass tiles to understand movement referred to as 'andemento' in the mosaic world. We are at beautiful Harlow Gardens to present this original workshop. Finished size is approximately 12" x 12". All materials and tool use included during workshop. We will work to grout in the afternoon. 

When: 5/3 10am-4pm
Where: Harlow Gardens
Cost: $99/pp

Glass on Glass Abstract
....featuring stained glass accents....
Phoenix, AZ


We begin our journey on a piece of clear glass that measures 7" X 14", framed with zinc and ready to hang. From there we will cut pieces of stained glass for our focal points and weave colorful glass tiles in between. Creating on glass allows light to enter from behind our art giving a different dimension than if it were on backer board. Always a great learning event, enjoy understanding techniques and color relationships as we work to complete our mosaic panel

When: 5/9/2015 10am-4pm
Where: Phoenix Center for the Arts 
Cost: $105/pp

 Use this link to register with Phoenix Center for the Arts

Patterns & Mosaics
Phoenix, AZ


 Learn how to create detail in mosaics! Join us to discover working directly on mesh while following a pattern. Techniques working with glass tiles will be discussed and executed. Understand basic tesserea drawing for 'andemento'.

When: 5/16 & 23- two Saturdays 10am-3pm
Where: Phoenix Center for the Arts
Cost: $115/pp

...Please use this link to register with Phoenix Center for the Arts...

Lets Make a Scene- Mini Landscape
Glendale, AZ


Join us with our friends at the Stained Glass Shop to create this fun mosaic project.Beginning with an 8" x 10" stained glass piece for background, we work to design our landscape and mosaic utilizing glass tile shards and chips to create texture and contrast....the example reflects our love for the desert, but yours could be anything from land or sea! Come explore mosaics!

When: 5/30...10am-4pm
Where: Stained Glass Shop...Glendale, AZ
Cost: $95/pp

...or call Stained Glass Shop 602-504-0553 to register...

Realism in Mosaic Art- Faces, Flowers and Forms
Visiting Artist: Carol Shelkin
Glendale, AZ

When: 11/28 & 29 10am-4pm
Where: Glendale, AZ
*Cost: $395/pp + materials
<$5 processing fee>

(additional $60 material fee due instructor at workshop)

   In this workshop you will be guided through the process of understanding realism in mosaic art with instruction of using curved or flat planes, shadows, value, composition and design, color choosing and understanding artists' tricks for creating a work of art in mosaic.

   You will be able to create your own mosaic to take home using high quality stained glass. You will be introduced to the gradations and many colors and values of hand-nipped stained glass and learning how to “paint with glass” creating a piece for interior display.  

   In this workshop students will use their choice of traditional and non-traditional mosaic techniques to understand contemporary mosaic in realism with lessons on structure, color, value and types of shadows. 

   Mosaic is unique to all students and the goal in this workshop is to direct and assist each student develop and to polish find their own style. You will learn how to develop an eye for mosaic and create a line drawing with easy to follow steps. There will be a PowerPoint presentation and students will begin to work on a mosaic. Photographic models will be supplied, unless you are a returning student and would like to bring in your own selection. IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT, please contact Carol for approval of your photographic model. 

  Other subjects will include:  presenting your work to gallery owners, exhibitions, building a resume, pricing, photographing your mosaic art, proper adhesives, tools and materials for interior display.  

   The lessons taught and instructions given will last you long after the lesson are over. No question will be left unanswered, so bring questions! This workshop is designed to take the student to the next level.  

Materials: A small supply list will be sent after registering 
Refund memo....*50% workshop cost 31 days prior to workshop- non refundable within 30 days prior to workshop

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