​​Our Philosophy


The approach Mosaic Guys takes with workshops is unique within the industry- focusing mainly on beginner and intermediate in a totally immersive, hands on experience!

​...Presenting one and two day workshops that are technique centered and understood through a  specific project of the featured class.

...Hands on, interactive, dynamic group settings allows personal instruction as well as the benefit of input from other participants!

...Almost always all-inclusive of tools & materials.

...We strive to make the process fun & insightful and our approach is one that will help you be successful

...Geared towards beginner and intermediate mosaic Artist or Hobbyist....join us soon!.

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Please note:

to get the most from our workshops all you need is a  can-do spirit and a DESIRE to create something!

OUR PURPOSE IS to help you understand the necessary knowledge & to be successful...

however, We need you to be able to do the following:

*be able to manipulate small objects....

​*have minmal hand strength & dexterity...

​*be open minded and  HAVE A sense of humor...