​​The approach Mosaic Guys takes with workshops is unique within the industry- focusing mainly on beginner and intermediate in a totally immersive, hands on experience!

​...Presenting one and two day workshops that are technique centered and understood through a specific project of the featured class.

...Hands on, interactive, dynamic group settings allows personal instruction as well as the benefit of input from other participants!

...Almost always all-inclusive of tools & materials.

...We strive to make the process fun & insightful and our approach is one that will help you be successful

...Geared towards beginner and intermediate mosaic artist or hobbyist. We can challenge more experienced folks too!!....join us soon- you'll be glad you did!

Stay Calm & Mosaic On!

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Please note:

to get the most from our workshops all you need is a  can-do spirit and a DESIRE to create something!

OUR PURPOSE IS to help you understand the necessary knowledge & to be successful in application...

however, We need you to be able to do the following:

*be able to manipulate small objects....

​*have minmal hand strength & dexterity...

​*be open minded and  HAVE A sense of humor...

*Excerpts from an interview with VoyagePhoenixMagaziine.com

.....We'd like to introduce you to David Jarvinen...so we asked him a few questions.....

We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I came to the mosaic industry through ceramic tile contracting and a couple of clay artists. Our business was remodeling kitchens and baths with ceramic and glass tile and doing tile jobs most other contractors wouldn’t. This led to a reputation for being creative.

During this time, I met a began to work with 2 clay artists that asked me to assist with their school and public mural installations they had created. It was great fun and I volunteered to help. Then, after a year or two of volunteering, I landed a paying gig to cover for one of the artist installers, as they needed to go out of town. That was the beginning. Circa 1998.

From this beginning, I worked to incorporate mosaics into my contracting business and there was a market! It wasn’t huge, but it was there—I worked to make mosaics mainstream through our business and have had some happy customers as a result.

Most of my work was architectural in nature. Then the clay artist who had instructed classes, for which I assisted—was moving out of state, so I approached the venues and inquired to see if I could take over for her. They were happy to give me a try. That was the beginning of my instruction career. Circa 2004.

As of 2017, I am continuing to instruct, learn and create mosaics!

Let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It is an ever-evolving landscape for this career it seems. The best thing I ever did was to be flexible and diversify talent. The construction industry certainly had its challenges with job management and employees, then the recession of 2008 seemed to cripple the tile industry. The mosaic side of the business grew during this time though, and with that knowledge, I expanded on the instruction and experiences side of the mosaic business. It is a finite market for certain, and we found our best success was the same model I had for construction, partner with local business and share customers. It has worked out very well, and through Mosaic Guys I now have a combination of 16 partners in Phoenix & Tucson.

Let’s talk business. Tell us about Mosaic Guys – what should we know?
Mosaic Guys is a mosaic instruction business that caters to beginner and intermediate participants. We specialize in one & two-day workshops throughout the southwest that are designed to explore the technical side of creating mosaics through a specific project. We believe that the learning is in the doing. We stand apart from others through a maximum of variety and opportunities.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

Integrity &Tenaciousness…but mostly it is our customers. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do this wonderful career!

Join us in a workshop soon!

Stay Calm & Mosaic On!

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