Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art….8/11 & 8/12...Santa Barbara, CA

​In this colorful and creative two day workshop come learn & understand how to fill in spaces with movement and flow using mixed media abstract design and relating it back to the subject of the mosaic.
Bringing your abstract techniques to the next level, David Jarvinen will take his years of mosaic knowledge and experience and guide you on creating your own organic abstract mosaic. These techniques, once learned, can be repeated with a variety of shapes.
This workshop usually has been presented in a rectangle or square design- while this is an excellent way to understand the concept of movement & flow, as well as  introduce you to the techniques, it may leave you asking…but now what?!?…Or, how can I apply this to my art?..This is exactly why we developed this workshop; To facilitate the understanding of skillfully integrating spontaneous techniques and relating them to realistic shapes in abstract designs.

In this workshop choose either a Hummingbird or Cowboy Boot design measuring generous 12″ x 16”, complete with hanging hardware. Explore embedded techniques and andamento lessons. Work with wire, beads, findings & smalti as well as other unique tesserae. Always a materials fun fest!
Fee $295.00 + $45.00 materials

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Mosaic Workshops ​​in California & Other Interesting Places



BYOB Wine Bottle Terrariums

Sherman Library & Gardens...9/28...Corona del Mar, CA

2 sessions- Friday morning and afternoon- limited space available

Bring your favorite bottle- wine, liquor or other bottle of similar size and we will use a tile saw to cut off sides and create a planter that we will plant a few miniature succulent plants! Please know bottles can break, so bring an extra and think twice if it’s an heirloom!…A fun and engaging class that only takes a couple hours to complete! All-inclusive instruction and materials. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverages​.

$50 member/ $60 non-member

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Garden Mosaic -Mixed Media 8x10"

Sherman Library & Gardens...11/2...Friday...Corona del Mar, CA...10am - 4pm

​Nature subjects are great for learning mosaics...all of the shapes and techniques can be packaged in just one little flower!...Join us to learn depth and layering with materials in this mixed media mosaic workshop!  Learn nipping and fitting techniques related to porcelain & glass tiles and the tools associated with both materials. Our finished panel measures 8" x 10"...Come inspired with images and ideas to translate into your masterpiece in this two day workshop.

$115 members/ $125 non members

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3D Bird Sculpture Mosaic

Sherman Library and Gardens…10/5...Friday...Corona del Mar, CA...10am-4pm

​Learning to mosaic on 3-D surfaces can be fun and challenging. In this workshop, we will nip and fit shimmering glass tiles to design a colorful bird sculpture that measure 6” x 8” x 6”. This mosaic will be a wonderful addition to the garden home to display indoors or out. All-inclusive instruction and materials. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverages.

$95 members / $105 non- members

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