Circle of Light Kit...$58...Includes:

​1) 8” circle Glass circle (nominal sizing, single pane)
1) Half Moon Stand
1) Weldbond 5.4 oz
1) Small applicator bottle w/lid
1) Incl. shipping medium flat rate
​ (13.98 value)

.save on shipping from 4 places! supply colorful glass or glass tiles & hand tools

CIRCLE OF LIGHT...$119...exploring depth with use of materials

In this online workshop explore depth with the use of materials using clear glass and glass tiles an complete with a great metal stand! Sure to start you thinking about how it can add interest to your art! Visit Mosaic Arts Online for a FREE preview. 

Review and purchase with Mosaic Arts Online

*basic beginnings kit through Mosaic Guys listed below..$58 includes S&H