3/2...Patio Garden Mirror...Saturday...10am -4pm

In this original mixed media workshop we will create a wonderful 12 x16"  mixed media mosaic garden mirror using BOTH porcelain an glass tiles. Design around (up to a 6" x 8") mirrored space. Learn nipping and fitting skills related to both types of materials. We work to grout at end of day. All inclusive tools/materials and instruction. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverage. Sure to be a fun time! $85/pp

4/13...Birds of the Desert...Saturday...10am -4pm

​​Join us to understand how to mosaic realistically! Our subjects will be birds of the Sonoran Desert and includes bluebirds, cardinals, orioles and more. In fact there are at least six to choose from to learn our technique. We will create a story board, learn to identify tonal patterns and then learn a new nipping method! This workshop will open your eyes to the details that make something special. Project measures 5x7 and is framed when completed. Come open minded and ready to learn. open to all levels, but some nipping experience is helpful. Bring lunch/snacks & beverages if needed. $85/pp

6/7...Stylized Sun Face Panel...Friday...10am - 4pm

In this fun workshop we will design our Sun Face Design and complete with porcelain tiles. We then work to fill in the background with glass tiles. Learn techniques related to both materials. Great exploratory workshop to understand materials better. All inclusive tools/materials and Instruction. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverage. $85/pp

Image on left is old base with completed top....Right image is new base


Encanterra Country Club & Trilogy Residents/guests

5/10...Mosaic Plant Sculpture...Friday...10am -4pm

In this original Mosaic Guys workshop learn how to create a wonderful three dimensional art piece!  We use a basic copper base and fabricate into our leaf shapes, then work to mosaic with beautiful, shimmering glass tiles. The luminosity of the tiles allows the copper to be appreciated in the finished piece. Once we complete 5-7 leaves, we will "plant" in a small pot with mortar to be inserted into  a more decorative container if desired. All inclusive tools/materials an instruction. Please bring lunch/snack & beverages. $85/pp

02/19...Porcelain Mosaic Table..Tuesday...10am - 4pm

Our new table base will look great on your patio or in your home too! Custom fabricated  from 3/4" tube steal an measures 13 13 x 19". Our mosaic is 13 x 13". Learn nipping and fitting techniques related to porcelain tile mosaics.  All inclusive tools/materials and instruction. We work to grout at end of day. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverage. $165/pp


Welcome to our page dedicated to mosaic classes & workshops with residents of Encanterra Country Club & Trilogy Communities. All registrations are received through Encanterra Events. Please contact them to register with payment. Below are descriptions and images of upcoming mosaic opportunities.

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1/15...Birdbath Saucer....Tuesday...10am -4pm

In this workshop, work with colorful glass & glass tiles to create a wonderful birdbath saucer. Perfect for the sunny spot in the garden where your feathered friends can get a respite...rest on the ground or elevate to suit your environment! No matter where you place your new garden art...you are sure to be pleased with your new skills....paired with the right base, this could even become a side table for the patio! We work to grout at en of ay.

All inclusive tools/materials and instruction. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverages if needed. $85/pp