(165/ saturday  2/2)

Gila Rayberg...Pique Assiete ....Blue Raven Art School...Tucson, AZ

165/pp for one day or $250/pp for two day option..Opportunity to finish what you started if needed or make another!

February 2 or 3, 2019.....Saturday or Sunday...9- 5

Pique Assiete

In this workshop I share what I have learned about using pique assiette** materials in mosaic.  There will be demonstrations & hands on practice on: ~ the usage of various hand tools to cut & shape dishes, cups, bowls & other pique assiette materials. ~  how to combine pique assiette materials with other, more traditional, mosaic materials.  ~  using tinted adhesives & substrate There will be a slide presentation, showing various ways to successfully incorporate pique assiette into various types of artworks. 

We will have individual & group exercises, focusing on “seeing differently” and combining materials to add texture & interest to your mosaics. Following the demonstrations & exercises, each participant will receive individual attention & guidance, while working on their own mosaic, subject of their choice....Students can come with ideas, or be open to “finding” their subject during the exercise phase of the workshop. Understanding that everyone works at a different pace, students are not expected to finish their mosaic within the 2 day workshop, though some may do so. I will discuss with each participant various options for continuing to work on unfinished pieces at home.

By the end of the workshop, students will have gained a good understanding of the process of cutting pique assiette materials,  understanding value, laying materials of varied thicknesses, and learning to see materials in a new & different way.  This session should particularly benefit those who wish to learn to incorporate pique assiette into their artwork, be challenged to see differently, step outside their comfort zone, play & experiment....

Part of the joy of pique assiette comes from the collecting of materials - dishes, pottery, teacups, saucers, etc - to incorporate into and personalize your work. Students are encouraged to bring some of their own unique finds.   Thrift stores & yard sales finds are perfect, as is clearing out cabinets of chipped, cracked dishes, and those broken bits that you can’t bear to throw away, but would love to incorporated into your art!  If you can, bringing extra to share, it ensures that there will be unique and surprising selections for all.

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Gila Rayberg arrived at the visual arts after a successful career as a freelance musician and educator.  Allowing her strong sense of intuition and love of experimentation to guide her, Gila has developed a unique voice in the realm of mosaic portraiture. Gila exhibits regularly throughout the United States, and has won numerous awards for her expressive mosaic portraits. This past summer Gila was 1 of 9 artists, from around the world, invited to participate in the 3rd Contemporary Mosaic Art Symposium in Ploaghe Sardinia, under the direction of Maestro Giulio Menossi.  Gila’s artwork has been published in numerous art books and is collected world wide.   In recent years Gila has been teaching mosaic portraiture extensively,  around the US,  and internationally.  

Enjoy seeing some of Gila's work below...

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(165/ Sunday / 2/3)