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1) 3 Enameled Metal Flowers (colors vary
1) 24” x 12” Copper Sheeting
1) 40” Aluminum/Copper Flat wire
1) 80” Copper Foil Adhesive Tape
1) Weldbond 5.4 oz
1) Small applicator bottle w/lid

1) Pattern (to ensure there is enough materials  to make one plant)

1) Free Medium Flat Rate Shipping(13.98 value)

save on shipping from 6 places!....you supply glass or glass tiles & tools

Plant Sculpture Project...$109

.....Adding dimension to your art! 

Conceived to bring a different dimension to your mosaics! Learn how to build a basic armature and manipulate glass to complete your sculpture. Many transferable skills. Join us online to learn something new!

FREE preview & purchase with Mosaic Arts Online

Purchase starter kit through Mosaic Guys below...$68