Mosaic Table with Glass Tiles...Wednesday...1/17...10am -4pm...Sun Lakes, AZ

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Mosaic Tables are a great accent to the Patio Home! Join us to design and fit glass tile in an arrangement of your choosing. Our table project measures 14 x 14 x 21" and comes unfinished to either rust or paint on your own. All glass tiles & materials provided in class- bring lunch/snack and beverage. Cost: $130/pp

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Mosaic Plant Sculpture Sun Lakes $95.00

Mosaic Plant Sculpture with Glass Tiles...Wednesday...3/28...10am - 4pm...Sun Lakes

In this workshop we will build an armature and learn to apply glass tiles and manipulate to resemble an aloe plant sculpture! Wonderful experience for mosaics in a new way! All materials provided. Participate will complete 5-7 leaves and Aloe comes complete with 2 'blossoms'! We plant in a small terracotta pot that can be inserted into a decorative pot to fit your décor. Suitable for protected outdoors or indoors. Cost: $95/pp

Garden Panel Sun lakes $75

Hummingbird Sun Lakes $125

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Mosaic Hummingbird Sculpture with Glass Tiles...Wednesday...2/28...10:am - 4:00pm...Sun Lakes

Create a wonderful glass mosaic sculpture of a hummingbird using shimmering glass tiles. Our custom metal hummingbird form is attached to stand for display in you garden or home and measures approximately 12" x 14" when completed. Discover the fun of creating with glass tiles and hone your nipping and fitting skills. The design is yours- come have fun! All materials and supplies included. Bring lunch/snack & beverage. Cost: $125/pp

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Mosaic Garden Panel...Mixed Media...Wednesday...4/18...10am - 4pm...Sun Lakes

Mixing Porcelain and Glass tiles in a project results in wonderful effects! Join us to learn about and apply porcelain and glass tiles in one mosaic. Our focus is on exploring depth with use of materials and texture...texture is important for understanding composition and supplying interest. Panel measures approximately 10" x 12" and all materials and supplies included- hanging hardware too! Bring a lunch/snack & beverage. Please use PayPal button to register your space. Cost: $75/pp