11/28...Birds of the Desert...Wednesday...10am - 4pm Sold out- thank you!

Join us to understand how to mosaic realistically! Our subjects will be birds of the Sonoran Desert and includes bluebirds, cardinals, orioles and more. In fact there are at least six to choose from to learn our technique. We will create a story board, learn to identify tonal patterns and then learn a new nipping method! This workshop will open your eyes to the details that make something special. Project measures 5x7 and is framed when completed. Come open minded and ready to learn. open to all levels, but some nipping experience is helpful. Bring lunch/snacks & beverages if needed. $75/pp

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Patio Garden Mirror (mixed glass & porcelain)

Sun Lakes...Wednesday...4/10... 10am -4pm

Join us to create a 12 x 16” (w/ 6 x 12 mirror ) mosaic patio mirror! Our project is a great vehicle for exploring mixing glass and porcelain tiles. Learn how to manipulate both types of materials and how to apply them for effectiveness. Sure to be a great addition to your patio home. Cost $95

Mosaic Birdbath

Sun Lakes, AZ...Oakwood Country Club....1/16... Birdbath Mosaic Saucer with glass tiles  

We are creating beautiful glass tile birdbaths with 1x1 glass tiles. Join us to learn the ins and outs of creating glass tile mosaics. Choose from a variety of colors to create your design. Come inspired and keep concept simple. No concept, no worries...be spontaneous! $85/pp all inclusive tools, materials & instruction. Please bring lunch/snacks and beverage.

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Garden Agave Mosaic Sculpture

Sun Lakes, AZ...Wednesday...3/13…porcelain tiles

This is a brand new class! Join us to make a large three dimensional agave plant sculpture! We discuss the [process and then provide leaves from pre-coated mesh strips. You will then work to shape by cutting and then mosaic from a variety of porcelain 2x2 tiles.  Make up to 5 pieces. Cost $105/pp

Garden Panel Mosaic- mixed media
Sun Lakes, AZ...Oakwood Country Club.. 2/27... MIxed Media garden panel with Porcelain & Glass Tile

This project is always a great learning tool! We explore depth with use of materials in thi workshop and create a abstract garden scene..Macro Style (Close up). we work to understand foreground, middle ground and background as we express each area with different materials! Join us for a full day of fun. Panel measures  8" x 12” . Cost $95