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exploring depth with use of materials...but with a twist!


learn to create an armature from simple materials and add dimension to your art!

 Online Workshop Opportunities

We have teamed up with Mosaic Arts Online to produce a variety of our workshops. Please see below for choices from Mosaic Guys presented by Mosaic Artist/Instructor: David Jarvinen...

.....stay tuned for more....

Spontaneous Organic Abstract...$149

Free Previews!

Join Mosaic Arts Online and purchase this online course. Once you do- it is yours to review over and over again at your leisure!...Learn our fundamental approach to creating movement, texture and interest within an abstract design format.

Designed to liberate your creativity and decision making skills when it comes to "listening" to your art. The lessons learned have transferable skills that will benefit other types of creative endeavors as well...and maybe even life!

Visit Mosaic Arts Online for a FREE preview. 

Use this link to preview, register & purchase through MAO