Trio Planter

Southwest Gardener...11/16...Saturday...10:30pm - 4:00pm

Join us at one of our favorite places! did you know we have been instructing workshops with our friends at Southwest Gardener for over 20 years now! It amazes me us everyday and we couldn't do it with out you joining Thank You! In this fun workshop embellish a trio of mini planters with glass tiles that then nestle in a terracotta tray. Use for herbs, succulents or even for arranging pens and paper clips in your workspace. Great for all levels, but especially for beginners & novice mosaic enthusiasts!

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Saturday 12/14 11am - 1pm

Studio 4 U 

Phoenix Center for the Arts...11/7...8 weeks...Thursdays...5:30pm - 7:30pm

Make what you like in this class with a focus on stretching your skills as well as building off of what you already know! Participant sources project ideas and comes inspired with tools and concept and some materials...we can help with the rest. We also have materials available to create with from the "donated wall"..join a great group of folks who enjoy mosaics!!

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Mosaic Wreath...north Phoenix

Thunderbird Art Center...12/5 & 12/12...two sessions...Thursdays...5:30pm - 7:30pm

Design a wreath mosaic using porcelain tiles and mirror! Learn how to nip & fit porcelain tiles using a compound nipper. Plan your design and colorize on a 12" round backer board suitable for indoor or outdoor display. 12 x 12 x 1/2" (Our Sample on left below is ungrouted)

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OPEN HOUSE 10/19 & 20

MG Studios..There's a new kid in town!..well sort of...

4804 N 7th Ave, 85013... 10:30a- 7:30p

Join us “in house” to create glass & tile mosaics! We have brought it all together for you In one place-  to begin, learn and/or continue in a rewarding art form that mosaic presents…

How it works:
1) Choose a project you would like to do. We have 2d & 3d bases to choose.
2) Each project comes with session time. Session time is a 3-hour block of time. If a chair is open, start right away or schedule your sessions and return later.
3) Tiles of your choice** provided to work with “in house” during session times.

Other options available too...such as mosaic supplies and bases to go!

Open times vary...please check MG Studios website for event days

Sunday 12/15 1pm - 4pm

Macro Garden Scene

Oakwood Country Club..11/20...Wednesday...10:30pm - 4:00pm...Public Welcome!

​This is sort of like paint by numbers for mosaics and is perfect for those who say they can't draw! We focus on layers in this workshop- foreground, middleground & background. By studying image below, you can begin to see the layers.....

Join us to discover the joy of mixing porcelain and glass tiles in this fun and engaging workshop. We provide a pattern and frame, along with guidelines, tools and adhesives. Once you understand the principle you can create your own design our continue to use ours. Learn tips and tricks for working with glass ad porcelain tiles. Project measures 8 x 10" when complete
$80/pp register on Oakwood page

Sunday  12/15 11am - 1pm

Garden Panel...north Phoenix

Thunderbird Art Center...11/7 & 10/21...three sessions...Thursdays...5:30pm - 7:30pm

Explore depth with use of materials while working with porcelain and glass tiles. We will create a simple, fictitious garden scene and then apply mosaics in a way that expresses near and far...and in between! Learn nipping and fitting, tone & shade and more. Finished art piece measures 11 x 14" when complete.

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Fall Festival of the Arts

Margaret T Hance Deck Park..12/13 - 15...Friday - Sunday

David Jarvinen will have mosaics for sale and a small workshop going on during the festival! Register for session of your choice and make a snowman ornament..only $20 Limited space & times available Please register with appropriate button below.

Saturday 12/14 1pm - 4pm

Birdbath Mosaic...north Phoenix

Thunderbird Art Center...11/23..Saturday...5:30pm - 7:30pm

Join us to create a birdbath with porcelain tiles in a 16" terracotta saucer. choose from a variety of colorful porcelain tiles while exploring design. Learn nipping and fitting techniques related to this material. All supplies include and we work to grout at end of day, or grout supplied to take with. 

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Hummingbird Wall Hanging

Southwest Gardener...12/8...Sunday..10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Join us at one of our favorite places! did you know we have been instructing workshops with our friends at Southwest Gardener for over 20 years now! It amazes me us everyday and we couldn't do it with out you joining Thank You!

In this fun workshop we will mosaic a hummingbird on hand cut backer board and design with beautiful glass tiles. We will learn how to lay out body to ID head,throat, brest, back & wings. Then we will choose from a variety of materials to complete our hummingbirds. Finished hummingbird measures approximately 12" x 16" 

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Friday 12/13 2:30p -4:30p

Donna Van Hooser - Color Freedom

MG Studios ...12/20 - 22...Friday - Sunday

Special engagement! Visiting Artist

In this class we will use grey scale values rather than traditional colors to create form and expression in creating a mosaic pet portrait. Precision cutting techniques will be covered, as well as andamento, glass selection and shading.​ more

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