Cactus Planter Mosaic

4/6...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Friday...10am - 4pm

In this engaging workshop learn to work with porcelain tiles as we decorate our terracotta wok pot. Simple designs and colorful tiles pair well when planted with the bold shapes of cacti and succulents. Choose from a large pallet of 2x2 porcelain tiles to complete your design. all tools and materials provided.

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Mosaic Patio Table

5/17...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Friday...10am - 4pm

Join us to create a beautiful patio table that will serve your needs for many years to come! Design what you like! Our custom metal base measures 13 x 13 x 19"  and will be a delight to create. Our focus will be on design, so come prepared with some ideas to ensure a masterpiece. We use Porcelain 2x2 tiles in a wide variety of colors. Whichever you choose, an abstract design or just a random mix of vibrant color, it is sure to be a nice addition to your garden home. All inclusive, custom base, tiles and backer. Bring a lunch or snack. 

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Birds of the Desert

3/20...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Tucson, AZ...Tuesday...10am - 4pm

Our bird mosaic will keep you engaged all day! Join us to understand the nuances between light, medium and dark tones will learning a new method of mosaic making! We nip in a "shard" method to understand the textures and interest in our mosaic. Please bring lunch or snacks

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