Handcrafted Mosaics

9/21...Tohono Chul Park...Saturday...10:00am- 4:00pm

This is the workshop you do not want to miss!

Join us to learn how to tell a story using handcrafted tiles in a garden theme! We will have flora and fauna of the southwest as well as fun additions that make our mosaics complete. We will understand focal points and concepts that makes designs interesting...and the best part is...NO NIPPING; it's all about the fitting! So, if you struggled with nipping in he past, this is the workshop for you! Project measures 10 x10 in custom iron frame and backing. Members save!

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Wedi Fish Abstract Sculpture

9/28...Chris Bubany & Friends Gallery...Friday...10:30am- 4:00pm

Design your fish sculpture from beginning to end! Start with a 12 x 12" 1/2"  Wedi panel. Now, design your fish outline- come inspired! We will cut and design with Smalti, Wire, Beads and 1x1 glass.  Always a great time stretching your creativity! Custom Base & all materials included, please bring lunch /snacks and beverage. $135/pp. Limited space available.

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Agave Mandala Mosaic

9/27...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Friday...10:00am- 4:00pm

​Mandalas have been part of human history for eons. The layout of the mandala is spiritual in origination and the repetitiveness of design is relaxing to create. Join us to mosaic our interpretation of the Mandala that reflects the beauty of the desert. Our design is inspired by the view of looking into the center of an agave, capturing the way in which it imitates the mandala. All materials and tools included. Please bring lunch/snacks & beverage. Members Save

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Garden Flower Sculpture Stake

11/6...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Wednesday...10:00am- 4:00pm

Our custom designed flower mosaic stake will be a great addition to your garden home. We work with glass tiles to create patterns and designs on a ceramic base. We then attache a custom fastener to a stake for display in your garden...just pound the stake into the ground and attach the finished flower! 

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Plant Sculpture Mosaic

10/15...Tucson Botanical Gardens...Tuesday...10:00am- 4:00pm

Back by popular demand! Join us to learn how to create this beautiful mosaic plant sculpture! Learn how to create and assemble the leaves as armatures for our shimmering glass tiles. We then plant in a small terracotta pot to insert into a decorative one that suits your decorating. Plan on making 5-7 leaves to create your sculpture. Includes 3 random colored enameled flowers as well. Great project for beginners! Members Save!

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Mosaic Sun Face Art Panel

9/20...Chris Bubany & Friends Gallery...Friday...10:30am- 4:00pm

We use both porcelain and glass tile to express ourselves in this fun, experimental mosaic art class! Designed to consider design, we will create a sun face and mosaic with porcelain tiles and then use a variety of glass tiles to create background. Combing the matte and the shiny work to a very dynamic effect. Join us to test your mosaic skills. Project measures approx.11 x 14”. Please bring Lunch/snacks & beverage.

Cost: $80/pp all inclusive materials, tools and instruction. Limited space available.

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Dapper Animals $125

Wedi fish 135

Mosaic Wreath

7/28...Blue raven Arts School...Sunday...10am- 4:00pm

Learn how to manipulate porcelain 2x2 tiles as we work to mosaic a 12" wreath suitable for indoors or outdoors. Choose to do entire wreath in porcelain or use the mirror supplied to jazz it up the background. Participant will cut & design their wreath from supplied half inch wedi board.and choose from a variety of colorful tiles to complete. If time allows, we will grout. If not, then grout supplied to go. Cost is $75/pp 

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Tucson Area Mosaic Workshops 

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Dapper Animals

11/9 & 11/10...Blue Raven Art School...Saturday & Sunday...10am- 4:00pm

Yes…that’s right…Dapper Animals!
Join us to create exquisite mixed media mosaic art. Our subjects are Fox, Parrot, Gazelle, Tiger, Panda & More.
Use porcelain & glass tiles, as well as, colored wires and some metal findings too! Once completed, image is created in an 8 x10 frame.

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                          Preview in our workshop summary

Sunface panel $80

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